The Syracuse Community Choir is a community of people who gather to sing songs of peace and social justice. We work to educate each other and the greater community about social and political issues – mainly focusing on issues of peace, indigenous rights, civil rights, environmental rights, religious acceptance, and inclusion of all people. The choir rehearses weekly, and performs several times a year at concerts and various community events. The membership of the choir includes a wide variety of people of varying ages and backgrounds. What brings us together is an interest in music, a desire to work for social justice, and a quest for community.

The Mission of the Syracuse Community Choir

Provide an opportunity for all people to:

  • Sing Music That:
    • Promotes peace, freedom, and justice
    • Addresses issues of oppression such as ableism, racism, sexism, and homophobia
    • Provides inspiration for changing the world
  • Perform and promote this music in the greater community
  • Build a safe and inclusive community
  • Sound good, have fun, and love each other and the world


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