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Choir Annual Meeting – 2/6/2019

Thanks for Attending Our Concert!  We hope you enjoyed it.

Syracuse Community Choir 2018 Winter Solstice Conert

Welcome! It is good to be singing with old friends and exciting to get to know some new people. Autumn is a sweet time, the turning of the deeply colored season, the coming inside, the warmth of building community.

I am grateful for our beloved choir as we sing together with the universe. It keeps me grounded in my love the the earth, with all of life. But I am scared and deeply sad: at least sometimes. At other times my denial is immense, as it is for some of you too; fueled by fear, political lies and hate, held in place by privilege and distractions, or the hard reality of survival, it is difficult to really take it in. For me, it is so much easier to grab another cappuccino and rush on to the next task!

But the climate crisis is very real. What if I stopped, let it in, and really looked at what this will mean for our children, grandchildren, and life as we know it? What would it mean if we really saw how mich we love this beautiful earth, our Mother? Would such a love move us to act? 

We explore both the depth of our caring, the need foraaction, and how the issues of power, and privilege affect the process. While we do this, we will hold on.

In peace, Karen.


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Giving Voice, a documentary of The Syracuse Community Choir by Mišo Suchý.

Members of the choir in an impromptu singing of Holly Near’s We Are Willing after a rehearsal in November 2016

Video of the Choir’s presentation at the 10/6/16 StoryGrowing Conference organized and sponsored by the Rosamond Gifford Foundation.

There are no words. Just outrage and grief. This must stop.


A Video about the Syracuse Community Choir made in 2012 by SU Media student Marina Zarya on Vimeo.