Time to Celebrate

It is January of a new decade, the 35th anniversary year for the choir and time to celebrate!

2018 was a fantastic year for the choir; amazing concerts, lots of grant money, new energy from the Inclusion team and some very moving moments of connection and community.

I’ve been thinking of the children who grew up in choir, the countless times we gave our voices to truth, peace and justice, to the many ways we’ve reached out, connected to different peoples/communities and dared to do the work of bridge building, and of course, our singing! It has been a wild and deeply satisfying journey. Again, thank you for your support. I am so lucky. We have lots of important things to do this year.

As usual, we were on the fast track getting ready for the concert and wrapping up the season.
The concert (December 15th) was beautiful. I am very glad we changed the date to Sunday afternoon., I can’t imagine practicing in the morning and setting up for a concert the same night (although we have done it before, but we were younger then. Ha ha.).

The concert was beautiful, moving, and the choir sounded great.
We had more singers and a big sound. The People’s Peace Award was important, inspiring. I am so glad more people got to hear about Clifford Ryan and the amazing work he has been doing to stop/interrupt violence on the streets. He is a wonderful man. And I was so proud of our two young men who took the solos in “Glory”. Wasn’t it great that this song was one of Clifford’s favorites?

Ensembles met. The creative team did four skills workshops for people who wanted extra help, all part of the Inclusion grant. Rides and support were organized. Matthew did some PR, beautiful color posters were out and about, we handed out 1000 cards at Plowshares Peace Festival on December 7th. We also performed and organized an outreach table. We had great volunteers at the door and tables; we sold Syracuse Cultural Workers products, and organized community tables had a good crew setting up. Thank you to everyone for another successful Winter Concert.

As we look into this new year and new decade, the Choir has many exciting things coming up. For starters 2020 marks our 35th year! To celebrate this milestone the Choir is planning 3 concerts  – a Concert at the Onondaga Nation, a Concert/Event with Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company, and we will end our year again of course with our 2020 Winter Solstice Concert.

Please mark your calendars for our Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 15, 4:00-6:30 (meeting from 4-5:30 and meal from 5:30-6:30).

On behalf of the Syracuse Community Choir staff and board, thank you for a beautiful ending to our fall season. We look forward all of you at the annual meeting and celebrating our 35th Year!!