People’s Peace Award (2019) – Clifford Ryan

At every Winter Solstice Concert, we honor ordinary citizens who have done extraordinary work for justice.
This year we pay tribute to Clifford Ryan & OG’s Against Violence (“Our Generation” or originally “Old Gangtas”).

As the founder, he has been advocating for the prevention and interruption of violence since 1999, when his son, Duriel Ryan, was shot and killed in Syracuse.

… we want to reach out to you, especially those who are dealing with what their dealing with in the community,” Ryan explains. “A lot of individuals have lost loved ones to violence, a lot of those who have been victims of that violence.”

For the past four years, OG’s Against Violence has been out in the streets to confront and stop or diffuse violence.  Clifford has physically stopped over forty-two incidents. He is trained as a facilitator in AVP / Alternatives to Violence Project.

OG's Against Gun Violence Saving The Youth In Our Community.

We are honored to be in his presence.
Clifford will speak to the choir on November 20, 7pm.