Dear Choir Community,

Thirty seven years ago this spring, 80 people, old and young, gathered to practice and then sing at a peace day in Thornden Park. The amphitheater was filled with booths and peacemakers as we presented our first performance! People danced and sang. The songs Peace Is (Fred Small), Lifeline/Harriet Tubman (Walter Robinson) and We Are the World (Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie) have continued to reflect our choir mission and desire for a just and peaceful world.Some of you were there!

It has been a wild and beautiful journey.

It has been a privilege and a gift.  

But it is time for me to step aside.

After two years of covid challenges, when faced with the task of resurrecting the choir, fundraising and putting the pieces back together, I realized that I just could not do it well anymore. And so the Board and Staff have begun the process of this transition. I plan to stay on as the Executive Director until the end of this year, then transition to more of a consultant in 2023.

It is a time of transition for many of us as we move into another unknown page of not only an uncertain covid world, but also a war, poised dangerously close to a world war, and our earth, poised to plunge us into a crisis like we’ve never known. These are reasons enough to keep on singing, to continue to provide hope and inspiration.

So we must do this. We will need your help. We will need willing people to lead, raise money, and think about this beloved community. If you can’t come next week, there will be more meetings and lots to do. Let us know.

In Peace, Justice and Gratitude,

All Are Welcome to Join the Choir

Notes from the Moving Forward Committee

The process of moving forward will take some time and the Board and Staff of the Choir will remain transparent. This is the page where we will post and upload our notes from our meetings as we continue to Move Forward.