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Giving Voice a documentary of The Syracuse Community Choir by Mišo Suchý.

Members of the choir in an impromptu singing of Holly Near’s We Are Willing after a rehearsal in November 2016

Video of the Choir’s presentation at the 10/6/16 StoryGrowing Conference organized and sponsored by the Rosamond Gifford Foundation.

Article about our Director, Karen Mihalyi 

There is an article in 55Plus magazine about Karen and the formation of the Choir (Issue 60: Dec ’15/Jan ’16), which can be read online here. You will need to scroll to page 24 using the directional controls on the bottom right of that screen.

Link to the Choir singing at Plowshares Crafts Show and Peace Festival – 12/6/2014

Promo Spot on Channel 9’s Bridge Street for Choir’s Got Talent! — A Benefit for the Choir on 11/8/2014 (It takes a long time to load!)


Pete Seeger

A lifelong activist who used his music to change the world, Pete was a model for how to live a simple and honorable life, standing tall to the oppressive forces in the world.  Pete loved our Choir, and thought we were the best. He performed with the choir twice, the last time being in 2003, and he had invited us to sing at the Clearwater Festival this summer. Pete died on January 27th, 2014. He will be missed.

Here is a WSYR interview made the day after his death with Karen Mihalyi, Oren Lyons, and Dik Cool.

And here are two songs of Pete and the Choir. The first is Blue Skies and the second is The Saints Go Marching In


Taste of  the Mosaic Concert 1/26/2014

2014-01-26 Mosaic Concert: A Sampler of the Mosaic Collective. Dance Theater of Syracuse, Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company, Syracuse Vocal Ensemble, Syracuse Community Choir. 4pm Free, St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, 310 Montgomery Street, Downtown Syracuse

Click Here for some photos by the Syracuse Newspaper

Listen to us preparing for the concert: 

And a Short Video of the End of “Change” by Mike Greenlar, Syracuse.com


A Video from Our 12/14/2013 Winter Solstice Concert


A Video about the Syracuse Community Choir made in 2012 by SU Media student Marina Zarya on Vimeo.

And here is a longer audio by Marina highlighting the Choir.


John Rutter speaking about the importance and value of singing together.