Syracuse Community Choir WINTER SOLSTICE CONCERT


December 21, 2020 7PM

Featuring familiar elements from the past and the present!.
2020 People’s Peace Award: Yusuf Abdul-Qadir, Activist and organizer; ACLU Staff

Message from Karen Mihalyi
“Despite the challenges of COVID-19, and the fact that we could not meet in person this year, we’ve continued to create wonderful events and programs for the community….from on-going zoom gatherings, collaborations, concerts to small groups singing-outside weekly around the area. We are proud to present this Winter Solstice Concert to continue our tradition of singing for the solstice and taking a moment to honor citizens, such as Yusuf who have made extraordinary contributions for peace and justice. We hope you will join us!”

Syracuse Community Choir 202 Winter Solstice Concert on Dec. 21 at 7pm

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For 35 years, at the turn of the season, the Syracuse Community choir has created a Solstice Concert to honor the earth, renew our commitments to peace and justice and honor ordinary citizens who have made extraordinary contributions to the word.

Annual People’s Peace Award

We are pleased to give this Annual People’s Peace Award to Yusuf Abdul-Qadir, ACLU Senior Strategist for Racial Justice, academic, inter-national strategist for sustainable development and a proud father! An amazing organizer and speaker, he worked with the Black Lives Matter movement as well the movement for Police Accountability, Violence in Syracuse. Compassionate and inspiring, he holds a world view that includes all oppression as well often speaks of the possibilities creating a better for all and urging collective action. He was one invited to white house dinner with the President Obama honoring Muslim leaders! And is often seen on Syracuse streets speaking, supporting and urging us all to act.

The night will include inspiring footage from Winter Solstice Concert 2016 by Ellen Blalock, montage of past songs and photos, as well as celebratory moments from 2020 and virtual songs, all woven together by film-maker Dave Fathers.

Special Guest Artists: CAMM Cathy Butler, Alice Queen, Martikha Williams, Michelle Lindor, young black women activists/artists who are singing truth to power.
There will also be a collaborative piece with the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company.

The event will be closed-captioned and interpreted for the Deaf by Maggie Russel in the ZOOM room.

Suggested Sliding Scale donation $0-25

Pay that night or in advance. Earlier the better!
PAYPAL or check or cash: SCC 601 Allen Street, Syracuse 13210
For more: 315.428.8151 choir email:

Song List and Program

Humming/Meditation: Karen Mihalyi

The December Song: by Colleen Kattau; video and edited by Jim Dessauer

Round and Round: by Libana ; solo Kath Fathers; Tundra words Eleanor Russell

Onondaga Teen Presentation (2020) Sydney Calfrobe, Onondaga Deer Clan and Malana Potak, Onondaga Beaver Clan

Friendship Song: Bob and Tracy Shenandoah, Onondaga Eel Clan; Pete Seeger/Peoples Music Concert, Landmark Theater (2003)

Try Everything: by Shakira, from the “Zootopia”(2016)

Love Make The World Go Round: by Jennifer Lopez and Lin Manuel-Miranda; arranged, adapted and directed by Alyssa Courter; spoken word Marco Soulo and Mimi Tarshus -Signature Soul, (2016)

Intermission Songs

Bridge Over Troubled Waters: by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle; arr Kirby Shaw; Teens (2010) Winter Solstice Nottingham High School

No More Genocide: by Holly Near; new words and arrangement Karen Mihalyi; solos-Pat Humphries, Colleen Kattau with choir and audience; 2010

I Am a Refugee: by Emma’s Revolution (Pat Humphries and Sandy Opatow) ; Landmark Theater (2003)
A collaboration with the women of the Refugee Women’s Network; using their thoughts, wishes and statements. Their voices were also included on the original recording.

Blue Skies: by Irving Berlin; new verse and solo-Pete Seeger; choir and audience at Landmark Theater (2003)

Beauty of the Earth: by Folliet Pierpont; (2010) Nottingham High School

Live in Peace by Helen Yeomans from the UK Natural Voice Network (2020)

Karin Franklin- Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company
Motherless Child/Wade in the Water: Traditional; Motherless Child; solo-Marcia Hagan; Wade in the Water Solos: Jy-Keise Thomas, Martikah Williams, Alice Franklin, Colleen Kattau, Anne Childress (2020)

Hero: by Mariah Carey; CAMM: Cathy Butler, Alice Queen, Martikah Williams, Michele Lindor

Loves in Need of Love: by Stevie Wonder; direction and solo-Marcia Hagan (2016)

You are the Reason: by Calum Scott, Jonathan Maguire and Corey Sanders; Arr: Mac Huff; solo Jy’Keise Thomas; rehearsal track-Travis Knapp; audio/video production by Lea Morris (2020)

 Click on Image to view 2020 Winter Solstice Concert Sponsors

Click on Image to view 2020 Winter Solstice Concert Sponsors