Autumn Welcome From Karen


It is good to be with you. Autumn is a sweet time; the turning of the deeply colored season, the coming inside, the warmth of building community. I am grateful for our beloved choir as we sing together with the universe. It keeps me grounded in my love for the earth, with all of life.

 I’ve been thinking about the best way to move forward in this time of great fear: the emergency of climate change, the continued brutality and murder of state sanctioned violence in all forms, the despicable treatment of families at the border and within, the growing fascist movements here and abroad, to name a few things. (YIKES)   I’m searching for the answers. I know that we must resist; we must say NO: NO to jails, NO to violence, NO don’t deport a family…

But what are we saying YES to? And this begs the question: Who are you/we? What do you/we stand for?  What do you say “Yes” to in yourself. In the world. In the community.

And so the theme this season is “We Are…” We are complex, of course. And we humans have done horrible things to the earth and each other. But as we move forward, it’s important to notice and remember our power, goodness, loving hearts and courage…all of who we are. To ground ourselves in such love will hold us for the road ahead.

Please Join us on Dec. 14th for our Syracuse Community Choir Winter Solstice Concert at St. Paul’s, Downtown Syracuse.

In peace, Karen